Security Governance & Strategy

Develop strategic security initiatives that deliver maximum value.

Where do you want to go? Strategic security means understanding your current state, and planning for improvement that helps you get to where you want to go. Establish and maintain the right governance and adopt a risk based approach that aligns with your organisation’s goals and industry compliance mandates. Of course we need to consider your specific risks and the threat landscape, but if your security initiatives are going to make a positive impact we will also need to consider your technology roadmap and the way your people operate.

Strategic Security Improvement Planning

Develop an impactful security improvement plan that’s aligned with your organisation's goals, manages relevant risks, and is integrated with your technology roadmap.

Capability Maturity Assessments

Benchmark your capability maturity against industry best practices or standard frameworks.

Procurement & Supplier Selection

Conduct commercial & technical due-diligence before on-boarding capability. Perform robust requirements gathering, RFP creation and supplier evaluation.

Governance Establishment

Establish pragmatic information security practices that best fit your organisation.

Protective Security Requirements

Meet your PSR obligations with capability maturity modelling, self assessments, assurance reporting, and improvement roadmaps.

Culture & Engagement

Build security culture and awareness across your organisation, including executive and board engagement.

Personnel Evaluation & Hiring

Ensure qualified and capable security leadership professionals are appointed into key functions.

Enterprise Security Architecture

Design and build top down enterprise security frameworks that enable your organisation to operate in a secure way.


Ensure you comply with your industry obligations and best practices:

  • Health
  • Financial Services
  • NZ Government
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Enterprise
  • Small Business


Have executive representation and advice for information security. Valuable insight into security risks and threats unique to your organisation and your industry.

Connect with us if you’d like to take your information security to the next layer.