Incident Preparedness & Response

Grow more resilient and prepare for the worst.

Always be ready. Your organisation needs to prepare if you are going to respond in a coordinated way. These response plans and business processes extend through your supply chain and across your organisation to deliver continuity of critical operations, and protection of your reputation.

In a constantly evolving landscape, the best way to make sure you are truly resilient is to regularly practice your response to new threats, and make continuous improvements. When the inevitable happens, we will be ready. You can access the technical expertise required to help you navigate an incident and complete key response activities. This will enable you to recover quickly, learn, and restore confidence.

Planning & Preparation

Prepare for the worst so you can minimise disruption and get back to business quickly. Develop your response plans, playbooks and business continuity processes. Ensure your network, core assets and critical systems have the logging and forensic data required to effectively respond to an incident.

Exercise & Simulation

Put your organisation to the test and engage in a series of real-world exercises that simulate the challenges of responding to security incidents. These exercises help you grow more resilient to ransomware, compromised credentials, denial of service, business email or system compromise, data loss, and more.

Incident Response & Digital Forensics

Help when you need it most. Calm heads in the room who have seen it all before, and access to deep technical capabilities that can help you respond and recover quickly.

Connect with us if you’d like to take your information security to the next layer.