Strategic security initiatives for organisational resilience.

Our services enable you to obtain a pragmatic independent perspective on your organisation’s information security initiatives, implement targeted improvement, and apply your technology in a way that delivers maximum risk reduction.


Develop strategic security initiatives that deliver maximum value

Where do you want to go? Strategic security means understanding your current state, and planning for improvement that helps you get to where you want to go. Establish and maintain the right governance and adopt a risk based approach that aligns with your organisation's goals and industry compliance mandates.


Measure and optimise the effectiveness of
your security environment

Work smart, not hard. The devil is in the detail, so it’s important to tune your technology and establish business processes that provide visibility. This ensures your security controls continue to be effective, enables us to make informed decisions, and respond to increased threat levels.

Grow more resilient and prepare for the worst

Always be ready. Your organisation needs to prepare if you are going to respond in a coordinated way. These response plans and business processes extend through your supply chain and across your organisation to deliver continuity of critical operations, and protection of your reputation.

Connect with us if you’d like to take your information security to the next layer.

Welcome to the Layer

At Layer 9 we are committed to delivering strategic security improvement and purposeful value at an organisational layer. Our people are our biggest asset because they have developed the knowledge and perspective to take a holistic view. This inspires our clients to create a secure and resilient digital information environment so they can thrive in an evolving threat landscape.

We enable our clients to make informed security decisions about their organisation by offering clarity and filtering out the noise. This empowers them to focus on pragmatic and continuous risk reduction initiatives that are easy to understand, optimise their existing investment, and deliver maximum value.

Our broad range of clients have commercial objectives, underpin our economy, and contribute to social, health and wellbeing outcomes for our team of 5 million. They trust us to operate with objective independence and build strategic alignment so that we can make a positive impact and contribute to their organisation’s goals.


There is more than one way, and there’s a way that’s best for you.


We all think differently, that’s what enables us to build meaningful human connections.


We don’t have any widgets, just a commitment to purposeful value.


We bring perspective so that together we can focus.